Working together is creating together

Axelio creates opportunities
More efficient business processes, better service to your customers, but also finding, motivating and retaining good employees. Digital transformation gives your company many opportunities for change and improvement. Axelio offers solutions that facilitate your employees better, turn data into a strategic compass and optimize your processes. This is how we help you to be efficient, competitive and innovative.

Four solutions for businesses

The Microsoft solutions that Axelio offers form a cohesive basis for the digital transformation of your company and generate data from the various systems that you can use together as a strategic compass.

Modern Workplace

Work wherever and whenever you want

People are always connected: to the working environment, to processes and data, to customers and partners. They can work flexibly, safely and independently, from any location and on different devices. They always have up-to-date information. Moreover, everything they do also generates data that can be applied in business processes. Microsoft Workplace solutions help you strengthen the connections between people, teams and the entire organization.

Business Applications

Efficient business through automation and robotization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications form the heart of your business and support all your business processes. Our business applications offer a complete portfolio of efficient and innovative solutions supplemented with market-specific add-ons and Power Apps, which connect all processes of your organization and make your organization ready for the future like a well-oiled machine.

Jan van den Hee, General Manager, All Care

Jan van den Hee, General Manager, All Care

“With the implementation of Business Central in collaboration with Xperit, a future-proof investment has been made and a cost saving has also been achieved. The automation of activities that had previously been performed manually and the further digitization of the warehouse and integration with transport are concrete examples of this. ”

Platforms & Infrastructure

Room for change

Your digital environment has become the new foundation of your company that allows you to make a difference. It is therefore fundamental that your systems are available at any time and meet the highest safety and performance requirements. Our innovative business applications all use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With this we offer you the flexibility and continuity with which we help you to improve your organization now and in the future.

Data & AI

Past results and future prospects

Every organization has considerable amounts of data, but not every company knows how to reap the benefits. With Microsoft’s Power BI and AI solutions, we help you to unlock this data from the various systems. This not only gives you insight into the past, but helps you gain new insights into your business operations and customer behaviour that would otherwise have remained hidden. Insights that help, for example, to align your range of products or services even better with current and, more importantly, future customer needs. After all, a successful business is always looking forward.