Reginox: More efficient order processing

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Reginox: Need for further process automation

Rijssen produces more than 500,000 innovative stainless steel sinks and washbasin units per year. In addition, Reginox supplies a wide range of stainless steel worktops.

Anyone who buys a sink unit, washbasin or worktop from Reginox is contributing to responsible production. As a manufacturer of these kitchen and bathroom products, Reginox keeps an eye on the future of people and the environment in all kinds of ways.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material at Reginox. This material consists of 70% to 80% recycled steel, which is used for the production of sinks, washbasins and worktops. 95% of steel left over from production is put back into society thanks to collection and reuse.

Migration from legacy NAV environment to Business Central, the modern successor

Due to increasing changes within Reginox and the outside world, the resulting changing business processes necessitated optimization and automation in some other places, especially in regard to the entering and processing of orders. That this would remain within the Microsoft platform was never in doubt. Reginox has been working with Microsoft’s ERP for 15 years with complete satisfaction.

Better insight into production activities
With this migration to Business Central, a number of connections have been made. For example, administration from several countries has been merged. More insight has been gained now that both logistics and financial administration are carried out from one package. The digitization of quotations and orders also makes the entire process a lot more efficient.

This migration means that Reginox can optimize even further in the future.

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