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As an entrepreneur, you face new challenges every day: reducing costs, optimizing and accelerating processes, optimizing employee productivity – but also the acquisition of new customers and improvement of customer satisfaction.

Your biggest challenge may well be digital transformation. Digitization ensures that you can work flexibly and efficiently. In this way you are well prepared for the future and you are one step ahead of your competitors. But where do you start?

We help you to make the right choices in a controlled way from a huge range of various cloud solutions. Together we outline how we support your organization with a digital transformation that suits your organization and the market in which you operate.

Our solutions all use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which offers hundreds of innovative products and services. They help you create robust new solutions and ways of working.

By making maximum use of the standard available functionality of the Microsoft solutions, supplemented with market-specific add-ons from ourselves and our partners, we enable your organization to make use of our solutions very quickly. In this way we work together to get value from your investment as quickly as possible. An investment that is future-proof and offers the flexibility you need to run your business and remain flexible as a company.

Empower employees

Employees who work smarter

Employees can do their work smartly and efficiently with Microsoft technology. They have access to the information they need in a simple and secure way. Regardless of the location from which they work, they are always aware of what is happening with customers and within their own organization. This allows them to focus on their core tasks, collaborate optimally with colleagues and thus serve customers satisfactorily.

Engage customers

Better customer relations

Online is the new normal, both for customers and for your organization. Digitization ensures that you can respond to customer expectations faster and easier. For example, customers can reach your organization 24/7 and receive relevant and personal information. Customers are making increasingly higher demands and want to be served faster and faster. To meet these, you need to understand the changing needs of your customers. Digitization of processes and having a grip on all contact moments and questions from your customers, provides new information and contributes to a more complete customer view, so that you can positively surprise your customers.

Samim Nasrollah, CEO, Wam Denim

Samim Nasrollah, CEO, Wam Denim

“The integration of RFID technology with Xperit's Business Central ERP has increased efficiency and gives us insight into where all our products are located. All this enables us to further expand our activities (internationally) in line with our growth strategy.”
Optimize operations

Automated and robotic business processes

Our business solutions use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform at a high technical level. This offers the flexibility and security to allow employees and customers to work together optimally online. Online automation and robotization of your business processes makes it possible to be accessible anytime and anywhere, to work more efficiently, to plan better, to collaborate optimally in the chain and, for example, to optimally align stocks with current and future customer demand.

Transform products

State-of-the-art products and services

It is quite a challenge to always be able to offer the right products and services to your customers. The needs of your customers and the requirements they set can change rapidly. This requires continuous insight into their wishes and needs, but also into trends and developments in the market. It is then important to interpret these insights and translate them into new customer needs. But insight alone is not enough to be distinctive and competitive; how will you convert these insights into action to improve your product range or service? In addition to insight, this also requires flexibility in the systems you work with.
Your systems, the digital foundation of your company, must be able to handle this. Axelio helps to lay the right foundations for this.