Doing business requires insight

Axelio understands your challenges
Developments in our society are moving at lightning speed and can be quite drastic. Doing business means responding quickly to changes and thus offering your organization new opportunities. This requires insight and adaptability from your employees and the systems with which they work. The digital transformation of your organization helps you to respond to changes and capitalize on new opportunities.

Digital security is an increasingly important topic in our digital world. Aspects such as Cyber Security and Data Privacy have become an integral part of business operations and partly determine the continuity of your company.

Axelio offers various Microsoft (cloud) solutions that give you insight into the opportunities and possibilities for your company. We make it possible to optimize the processes and services of your organization and offer the flexibility you need to quickly respond to new opportunities. Axelio’s solutions meet the highest security requirements and provide insight and guidance for further growth.

At Axelio we work in the following markets, about which we have built up a great deal of knowledge.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMEs)
(Wholesale) trade and production, ICT and business services

Municipalities and independent administrative bodies

Social Enterprises and Charities
Charities, CSR, cultural organisations, foundations and associations

In partnership with SMEs

Efficient business operations are a precondition for successful business. These ensure not only that you can serve your customers efficiently and quickly, but also that employees enjoy working for your organization. Modern digital cloud solutions give you insight into what is happening in the entire chain and offer the possibility to quickly respond to the changing needs of your customers and to potentially enter new markets.

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Better government services

Public services have changed a lot in recent years. We have become accustomed to the fact that everything can be arranged quickly, easily and mostly online. This presents new challenges in matters such as privacy, security and reliability. But digitization also creates opportunities: expenditure is more manageable and it is possible to respond more quickly to social developments.
Change and flexibility are necessary in order to take full advantage of opportunities and to face challenges in the right way. Digitization requires a different way of thinking and acting. Axelio helps you make the right choices in terms of digital transformation.

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Samim Nasrollah, CEO, Wam Denim

Samim Nasrollah, CEO, Wam Denim

“The integration of RFID technology with Xperit's Business Central ERP has increased efficiency and gives us insight into where all our products are located. All this enables us to further expand our activities (internationally) in line with our growth strategy.”

Relevance to society

Social organizations occupy a special place in our society. More than €4.7 billion is donated to charities every year, but the sector also faces several challenges. Even more than before, these organizations have to make clear why they exist, what they spend their resources on and what effects they achieve. Trust and transparency have become keywords. To be able to offer this, reliable processes and systems are needed. Digital tools make data easier to understand, make processes more efficient and create cohesion. At Axelio we are happy to support you in this.

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