Wam Denim: More successful through data-driven decisions

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With the new RFID functionality, a significant efficiency improvement has been achieved, both in the stores and in the central warehouse.

Wam Denim is an international retailer specializing in menswear and offering products through its online platform and over 40 stores across Europe.

Since Wam Denim’s inception in 2001, it has been their top priority to create high-quality, handcrafted products with distinctive designs at an affordable price.

Growth ambition after installing Business Central ERP

Xperit implemented Business Central ERP within the WAM organization and thereby automated the 40 stores and the central warehouse as well as the production facility in Turkey. As part of their growth strategy, the retail chain had the ambition to streamline the supply chain with RFID. Unfortunately, none of the RFID systems they had tested previously had integrated with their Business Central ERP.

RFID for the entire product journey
In order to maintain a continuous overview of stock in the stores and the main warehouse, all articles are provided with an RFID tag. In this way, there is always real-time insight not only into available stock, but also into performance. Due to the online sales platform, it was not always immediately clear which items were in which place in order to quickly process the order. In addition to a huge efficiency boost, room has also been created for continued growth and the possibility to open new branches.

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