Sportinnovator: A view on collaboration for impact

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Insight into collaboration for impact

Sportinnovator, part of ZonMW, finances health research and stimulates the use of developed knowledge to improve health and healthcare.

Collaboration between business, science, government and sport is fundamental to the impact of Sportinnovator. This requires a good overview of the national network, so that it can be expanded continuously.

Dynamics 365 CRM for relationship management and data

To achieve this goal, communication and data must be properly recorded. With the implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM for relationship management, this becomes possible. In addition, this also offers a better insight into, for example, subsidy processes.

For marketing activities we also implement our Marketing Connector Spotler: software for email marketing, linked to Dynamics 365 CRM. In this way, all activities of the partnership within the network are managed via Dynamics 365.

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