Spijkstaal: Technological improvement

Cases Xperit

Future-oriented Microsoft platform provides significant optimization successes

Spijkstaal International has been developing and producing electric vehicles for the transport of goods and people for more than 80 years, both nationally and internationally. Spijkstaal has been part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group since 2015 and since then, in addition to selling electric vehicles, has also focused on renting them out; a total solution in the field of electric horizontal transport.

From Hoogvliet (Rotterdam), Spijkstaal assembles independently and works with short lines within the organization. As a result, Spijkstaal delivers an efficient construction method and high quality. Production involves many disciplines: machining, welding, painting, assembly and electrical assembly. The service department professionally maintains vehicles (on location) and solves any problems, either periodically or in the event of a malfunction.

Changing business processes

The outdated Microsoft Navision 4.0 environment no longer met their needs and Spijkstaal wanted to improve their technology in particular. A re-implementation of their ERP was a logical step. This particular adoption has led to a number of changes in the organisation. Business processes have been set up differently, with the result that the ERP was also due for renewal. Cooperation with Xperit was already of a long-term nature, so the project was undertaken with confidence.

Migration to the cloud
With the move to Business Central, Spijkstaal has taken quite a few optimization steps. One of these is the move to the cloud, which means that Spijkstaal can fully focus on its core business and does not have to worry about managing the ERP environment. This also offers space and possibilities for the future, among which improving and optimizing the service department is on the agenda. The use of Microsoft Power Apps has enhanced the power of the Microsoft platform even further.

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