Partos: A collaborative platform that delivers insights

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A collaboration platform that provides insights

Trade association Partos unites the Dutch development organizations and is committed to the interests of its members, who want to create a just and sustainable world for everyone.

In order for the members of Partos to be able to do their work successfully, an insightful collaboration platform is needed. There is a need for a structure that can provide management information about members and projects, so that targeted communication can be achieved with the target groups.

Connect parties and processes efficiently via Dynamics 365 CRM

Partos was already using Dynamics 365 CRM to support relationship management, but needed its practical usage to be simpler. We collaborated with Partos on cleaning up entities, records and forms, facilitating communities and projects and effectively linking relationship management to Microsoft Teams.

In addition, we worked with Workstreampeople – a Microsoft Partner that provides companies worldwide with a contact centre that is integrated with Skype for Business – on the sales process and on the support for Workstreampeople in Dynamics 365 CRM. The result is a platform on which all members and Workstreampeople have insight into all open support requests. Prospective members are also able to submit new requests.

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