EDSN: Partners in Energy for better cooperation in the energy sector

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Partners in Energie works on better cooperation in the energy sector

Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) is working together with all regional grid operators, TenneT and GTS on a reliable and innovative ICT infrastructure for the energy sector.

Network operators play an important role in the complex interaction in the energy market. They therefore have a prominent place in the Partners in Energy project, which aims to promote efficient cooperation between network operators.

One portal for all functions

We have developed one portal for EDSN that is connected to Dynamics 365 CRM. Organizations in the energy market can easily put questions to network operators via this portal. This portal also offers industry-related news articles, a knowledge base, instructions and answers to frequently asked questions and a community facility.

The portal is maintained in intensive, daily cooperation between EDSN, the network operators and Pixelzebra. We continuously identify areas for improvement and develop them into new solutions. Pixelzebra not only collaborates technically, but we also challenge the network operators to evaluate their own operational processes.

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