Arnold & Siedsma: Aligning and simplifying what we do

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Aligning and simplifying what we do

Patent and trademark office Arnold & Siedsma is a specialist in legal protection of intellectual property rights.

This partnership has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and is involved in the registration of patents, the registration and protection of trademarks and the provision of advice for innovative strategies and models.

Linking existing systems to Dynamics 365 CRM

With so many locations and activities, there is a great need for harmonization of relationship, lead and opportunity management, but also, for example, for the reduction and simplification of administrative activities.

By implementing Dynamics 365 CRM, linked to existing case management software, and additionally to our own Pixelzebra Marketing Connector Spotler (which takes care of email marketing), no opportunity is missed. And a second link to the database of the Chamber of Commerce makes searching, checking and entering organizational data much faster and more efficient.

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