Wam Denim: More successful through data-driven decisions

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With the new RFID functionality, a significant efficiency improvement has been achieved, both in the stores and in the central warehouse.

Wam Denim is an international retailer specializing in menswear and offering products through its online platform and over 40 stores across Europe.

Since Wam Denim’s inception in 2001, it has been their top priority to create high-quality, handcrafted products with distinctive designs at an affordable price.

Growth ambition after installing Business Central ERP

Xperit implemented Business Central ERP within the WAM organization and thereby automated the 40 stores and the central warehouse as well as the production facility in Turkey. As part of their growth strategy, the retail chain had the ambition to streamline the supply chain with RFID. Unfortunately, none of the RFID systems they had tested previously had integrated with their Business Central ERP.

RFID for the entire product journey
In order to maintain a continuous overview of stock in the stores and the main warehouse, all articles are provided with an RFID tag. In this way, there is always real-time insight not only into available stock, but also into performance. Due to the online sales platform, it was not always immediately clear which items were in which place in order to quickly process the order. In addition to a huge efficiency boost, room has also been created for continued growth and the possibility to open new branches.

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Sportinnovator: A view on collaboration for impact

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Insight into collaboration for impact

Sportinnovator, part of ZonMW, finances health research and stimulates the use of developed knowledge to improve health and healthcare.

Collaboration between business, science, government and sport is fundamental to the impact of Sportinnovator. This requires a good overview of the national network, so that it can be expanded continuously.

Dynamics 365 CRM for relationship management and data

To achieve this goal, communication and data must be properly recorded. With the implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM for relationship management, this becomes possible. In addition, this also offers a better insight into, for example, subsidy processes.

For marketing activities we also implement our Marketing Connector Spotler: software for email marketing, linked to Dynamics 365 CRM. In this way, all activities of the partnership within the network are managed via Dynamics 365.

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Spijkstaal: Technological improvement

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Future-oriented Microsoft platform provides significant optimization successes

Spijkstaal International has been developing and producing electric vehicles for the transport of goods and people for more than 80 years, both nationally and internationally. Spijkstaal has been part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group since 2015 and since then, in addition to selling electric vehicles, has also focused on renting them out; a total solution in the field of electric horizontal transport.

From Hoogvliet (Rotterdam), Spijkstaal assembles independently and works with short lines within the organization. As a result, Spijkstaal delivers an efficient construction method and high quality. Production involves many disciplines: machining, welding, painting, assembly and electrical assembly. The service department professionally maintains vehicles (on location) and solves any problems, either periodically or in the event of a malfunction.

Changing business processes

The outdated Microsoft Navision 4.0 environment no longer met their needs and Spijkstaal wanted to improve their technology in particular. A re-implementation of their ERP was a logical step. This particular adoption has led to a number of changes in the organisation. Business processes have been set up differently, with the result that the ERP was also due for renewal. Cooperation with Xperit was already of a long-term nature, so the project was undertaken with confidence.

Migration to the cloud
With the move to Business Central, Spijkstaal has taken quite a few optimization steps. One of these is the move to the cloud, which means that Spijkstaal can fully focus on its core business and does not have to worry about managing the ERP environment. This also offers space and possibilities for the future, among which improving and optimizing the service department is on the agenda. The use of Microsoft Power Apps has enhanced the power of the Microsoft platform even further.

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Reginox: More efficient order processing

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Reginox: Need for further process automation

Rijssen produces more than 500,000 innovative stainless steel sinks and washbasin units per year. In addition, Reginox supplies a wide range of stainless steel worktops.

Anyone who buys a sink unit, washbasin or worktop from Reginox is contributing to responsible production. As a manufacturer of these kitchen and bathroom products, Reginox keeps an eye on the future of people and the environment in all kinds of ways.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material at Reginox. This material consists of 70% to 80% recycled steel, which is used for the production of sinks, washbasins and worktops. 95% of steel left over from production is put back into society thanks to collection and reuse.

Migration from legacy NAV environment to Business Central, the modern successor

Due to increasing changes within Reginox and the outside world, the resulting changing business processes necessitated optimization and automation in some other places, especially in regard to the entering and processing of orders. That this would remain within the Microsoft platform was never in doubt. Reginox has been working with Microsoft’s ERP for 15 years with complete satisfaction.

Better insight into production activities
With this migration to Business Central, a number of connections have been made. For example, administration from several countries has been merged. More insight has been gained now that both logistics and financial administration are carried out from one package. The digitization of quotations and orders also makes the entire process a lot more efficient.

This migration means that Reginox can optimize even further in the future.

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Partos: A collaborative platform that delivers insights

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A collaboration platform that provides insights

Trade association Partos unites the Dutch development organizations and is committed to the interests of its members, who want to create a just and sustainable world for everyone.

In order for the members of Partos to be able to do their work successfully, an insightful collaboration platform is needed. There is a need for a structure that can provide management information about members and projects, so that targeted communication can be achieved with the target groups.

Connect parties and processes efficiently via Dynamics 365 CRM

Partos was already using Dynamics 365 CRM to support relationship management, but needed its practical usage to be simpler. We collaborated with Partos on cleaning up entities, records and forms, facilitating communities and projects and effectively linking relationship management to Microsoft Teams.

In addition, we worked with Workstreampeople – a Microsoft Partner that provides companies worldwide with a contact centre that is integrated with Skype for Business – on the sales process and on the support for Workstreampeople in Dynamics 365 CRM. The result is a platform on which all members and Workstreampeople have insight into all open support requests. Prospective members are also able to submit new requests.

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NOC*NSF: Facilitate members with a flexible solution

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Facilitate members with a flexible solution

Ninety national sports organizations are affiliated with NOC*NSF, a facilitating organization that contributes to a healthy and strong Netherlands through sport. The members together represent almost 24,000 sports associations with a total of 5.2 million organized athletes.

The Academie voor Sportkader, part of NOC*NSF, focuses on organizing training for all those in the Netherlands who love sport. This task requires training courses to be properly managed and communicated.

New features in the existing system

NOC*NSF is familiar with using Dynamics 365 CRM, so implementing the platform’s Events module (in a modified form) was a logical step. With this module it is possible to create and publish training courses, so that participants can register via an external website and all communication with the participants takes place via Dynamics 365.

The flexibility of Dynamics 365 enables the Academie voor Sportkader to respond quickly to changing circumstances (such as the coronavirus) when organizing training courses.

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EDSN: Partners in Energy for better cooperation in the energy sector

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Partners in Energie works on better cooperation in the energy sector

Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) is working together with all regional grid operators, TenneT and GTS on a reliable and innovative ICT infrastructure for the energy sector.

Network operators play an important role in the complex interaction in the energy market. They therefore have a prominent place in the Partners in Energy project, which aims to promote efficient cooperation between network operators.

One portal for all functions

We have developed one portal for EDSN that is connected to Dynamics 365 CRM. Organizations in the energy market can easily put questions to network operators via this portal. This portal also offers industry-related news articles, a knowledge base, instructions and answers to frequently asked questions and a community facility.

The portal is maintained in intensive, daily cooperation between EDSN, the network operators and Pixelzebra. We continuously identify areas for improvement and develop them into new solutions. Pixelzebra not only collaborates technically, but we also challenge the network operators to evaluate their own operational processes.

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Arnold & Siedsma: Aligning and simplifying what we do

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Aligning and simplifying what we do

Patent and trademark office Arnold & Siedsma is a specialist in legal protection of intellectual property rights.

This partnership has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and is involved in the registration of patents, the registration and protection of trademarks and the provision of advice for innovative strategies and models.

Linking existing systems to Dynamics 365 CRM

With so many locations and activities, there is a great need for harmonization of relationship, lead and opportunity management, but also, for example, for the reduction and simplification of administrative activities.

By implementing Dynamics 365 CRM, linked to existing case management software, and additionally to our own Pixelzebra Marketing Connector Spotler (which takes care of email marketing), no opportunity is missed. And a second link to the database of the Chamber of Commerce makes searching, checking and entering organizational data much faster and more efficient.

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